Ivan Schraeder is a Partner with Lowenbaum Law, which is Of Counsel to FordHarrison LLP.

With a practice focused on public sector labor and employment law, Ivan represents clients in Missouri and Illinois. He brings more than 40 years of experience to his role as defense counsel for a number of governmental agencies and as general counsel for the Missouri Association of Counties, the Missouri Public Employers' Labor Relations Association and the Eastern Missouri Police Academy. He provides collective bargaining and employment law services for a number of local governments throughout Missouri and Illinois and more than 60 counties in Missouri.

As the Missouri Director of Labor Relations, Ivan was responsible for all labor relations policies for the state's executive branch with jurisdiction over 45,000 employees. And he has authored numerous articles for national and state legal publications, including the Missouri Association of Counties' County Record, the Missouri Municipal League's MML Review, and The Missouri Bar's Journal of the Missouri Bar.

Ivan shares his vast experience in public sector labor and employment law as an instructor for a variety of legal organizations, universities, public sector entities, public employer associations, and police academies in Missouri and Illinois.

For more information, please visit www.lowenbaumlaw.com.