Nightclub & Bar Convention | Trade Show - "The Tipping Point"

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Date   Mar 27, 2017
Time   1:40 PM - 2:30 PM

Many bars, nightclubs, restaurants and other hospitality industry employers have long used the tip credit and tip pooling arrangements to compensate their employees. However, these practices have recently come under attack by both the Department of Labor as well as plaintiff’s attorneys. Please join FordHarrison attorney Rey Velazquez for his session “The Tipping Point” at the Nightclub & Bar Convention / Trade Show on the risks associated with the tip credit and tip pooling agreements and effective pointers for avoiding litigation.

This program will address who is considered a tipped employee, what the tip credit is under both federal and state law, how to compensate for overtime when paying on a tip credit basis, what is considered tipped duties, service charges, credit card deductions, the rash of lawsuits brought under the Department of Labor’s 80/20 rule, who can participate in a tip pool, retention of tips, problems associated with deductions for breakage and walk outs, scheduling to avoid litigation, side duty work, and minimizing exposure to class claims.

*Please feel free to contact Rey at rvelazquez@fordharrison.com following the session for a complimentary copy of FordHarrison’s 2017 50-State Survey of Tip Credit Laws.