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FordHarrison and Ius Laboris Publish Non-Compete Covenants Guide

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FordHarrison’s Non-Compete, Trade Secrets & Business Litigation practice group, together with attorneys from Ius Laboris member firms, have prepared Non-Compete Covenants, a publication that discusses the essential principles of post-employment competition restrictions in 36 countries. The publication outlines each country’s rules on non-compete covenants, the formal requirements, the principles regarding compensation, scope and permissible duration, along with guidance on local enforceability.

The publication is available in an interactive format on the Ius Laboris website. This interactive format permits the reader to select topics and countries to compare. Readers may also download the entire publication in PDF format from the website. Additionally, FordHarrison has a limited number of hard copies of the publication. Please contact to inquire about the availability of a hard copy of the publication.

FordHarrison attorneys who contributed to Non-Compete Covenants include Mark Saloman, co-chair of FordHarrison’s Non-Compete, Trade Secrets & Business Litigation practice group,; Chris Butler,; Matt Gilley,; Greg Grisham,; and Joanna Rich, If you have any questions regarding the new publication or the enforceability of a non-compete agreement, please feel free to contact one of the publication’s contributors.