• 2014-2015 SOURCEBOOK
    Available both in print and online, the SourceBook is a comprehensive resource for labor and employment law to which you will refer throughout the year.

In Depth Analysis

  • Practice Area Briefing

    Over the last decade, employers increasingly have been bombarded with wage and hour lawsuits filed by current and former employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and various state law equivalents.  This article, originally published in the ACC Docket, discusses innovative strategies that may help employers avoid or effectively defend against wage and hour collective and class action claims.

    See the PDF below to read the article.

    ACC Practice Area Briefings-October-2014.pdf



  • Communication and Documentation DVD
    With this program, every manager can dramatically improve a company's ability to avoid litigation, or successfully defend those cases that cannot be prevented.


  • EntertainHR offers a lighthearted but informative look across the landscape of television, movies, and celebrity culture from an employment-law perspective. Each week, a FordHarrison attorney posts a fun read for HR professionals and employers who can indulge their taste for entertainment news and gossip while absorbing important professional insights.
  • "That's What She Said," a FordHarrison blog, follows the NBC hit TV show "The Office."  Each week, an entry is posted by a Ford & Harrison lawyer which puts a price tag on estimating how much the politically incorrect behavior of Michael Scott and Dunder Mifflin would cost real-life companies to defend.

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