"The 'New' Miller Bill: How Will the 401(k) Fair Disclosure and Pension Security Affect Plan Fiduciaries and their Providers?" BNA Audioconference

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Date   Oct 15, 2009
Time   1 p.m. Eastern - 2:30 p.m. Eastern

In this BNA audioconference, an expert panel including Ford & Harrison attorney Jeffrey Ashendorf, will review the latest disclosure bill moving quietly through Congress. The bill combines the contents of the "old" Miller bill (introduced in 2007 during the 110th Congress) with proposed Department of Labor regulations about fee disclosure and investment advice. Many aspects of the bill could significantly alter the way services are disclosed to retirement plan fiduciaries. BNA brings together a panel of experts to identify new requirements and help you understand the implications of this proposed legislation.

This BNA Audioconference Will:

  • Improve your understanding of the intent and details of the legislation.
    Clarify confusing elements of the legislation.
  • Help you see the implications of the legislation and how it may alter the landscape.
    Bring the whole issue of disclosure and advice regulation/legislation back on the table and back into our mindsets—the probability of this bill passing is high.
  • Increase your awareness and prompt you to ask for a higher level of disclosure and advice from your service providers.

Who Should Attend?
Retirement plan fiduciaries, plan/investment committees and their in-house legal counsel, external legal counsel who directly advise plan sponsors, investment and benefit advisors.



To register or for more information, please visit http://legaledge.bna.com/Pagemanager.aspx?pageId=8775