16th Annual 2011 Advanced Employment Issues Symposium

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Date   Nov 16 - 17, 2011
Time   7:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

Paris Las Vegal
3655 Las Vegas Boulevard South

Join AEIS in Las Vegas for an all-new multi-track program with practical guidance for overcoming the latest management challenges. In just two days, you'll learn how to protect your organization from lawsuits and penalties and how to create effective, legally sound workplace policies.

Conference Highlights

1. The Employment Law Enforcement Track

Expert legal advice for maintaining safe and effective employee policies.

  • The brutal job market is fueling more job bias claims, and the EEOC is busier than ever, collecting over a record $400 million in employer fines. Learn what it takes to stay to steps ahead of the agency's new enforcement resolve.
  • The DOL's Wage & Hour Division has a $244 million hyper-aggressive enforcement budget that has more agents looking into employee misclassification and other wage and hour violations. Are you prepared?
  • The NRLB continues to flex its pro-labor muscles and is expanding its scope into a company's social media activities. Are you on their enforcement agency?
  • The OFCCP's full-throated enforcement priorities include more on-site reviews of government contractors' employment practices, recovering over $67 million for unlawful discrimination claims. Find out whether your organization is immune from the agency's increased spot inspections.
  • CONFERENCE BONUS: Get an up-to-the minute compliance update on the health-care reform saga and what it means for your future employee benefits plans.

2. FMLA and ADA Compliance Track

Prepare for a new set of employee leave and workforce disability challenges.

  • Separate FMLA & ADA compliance updates: Up-to-the minute information for complying with the latest FMLA changes and the EEOC's highly anticipated ADAAA regulations.
  • Complying with FMLA's maelstrom of paperwork has never been more challenging. Find out how to manage the leave law's documentation compliance rules instead of the other way around.
  • Managing unique and thorny legal issues under the ADA, including obesity, mental disability and substance abuse.
  • ADA disability discrimination claims posted the biggest jump among all types of job bias claims this past year. Find what's causing this recent spike and how to limit your exposure.

3. Social Media for Employers Track

Get up-to-speed on how to manage challenges with technology, employees, and the wireless workplace — given emerging social media pitfalls.

  • More than half of companies still don't have social media usage policies for the workplace. Don't get left behind! Learn how to craft effective employee guidelines that reduce liabilities.
  • "Sexting" or online sexual harassment is on the rise in today's workplace, forcing one employer to pay $450,000 in damages for one employee's inappropriate text messages. Learn how to spot this new form of workplace sexual harassment.
  • A jury delivered a nearly $20,000 verdict because an employer went too far in monitoring an employee's social media channels. Learn how to balance your right to know without crossing the line.
  • More than a third of employees admit that social media is interfering with their jobs. Learn how to tame this new productivity killer at work.
  • Discover how social media recruiting can improve your hiring decisions and help you avoid the cost of a bad hiring decision, which can go as high as 200 percent of an exiting employee's salary.

4. Best Places to Work Track

See how the nation's top employers are meeting the challenges of sustaining employee commitment and a strong talent pipeline in the wake of record- low job satisfaction.

  • Nearly 90 percent of employees plan to jump ship for new jobs in 2011.
  • Close to 70 percent of organizations do not have any formal succession planning process. Learn the latest strategies for growing leaders from within the organization. Learn how employers are struggling and succeeding at getting employees to do more with less in the face of shrinking salary increases.
  • More U.S. workers have lost trust in their employers. Learn how effective leadership and authentic communication can restore employee loyalty and rescue a corporate culture on the brink of the abyss.