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The Boundless Labor and Employment Law SourceBook is a comprehensive, yet concise, arsenal of labor and employment information to which you will refer throughout the year. This resource is exclusively available to FordHarrison clients and contains over 1000 pages and 29 sections, organized into seven modules, on the variety of topics that comprise the labor and employment laws in which FordHarrison practices. The Boundless SourceBook is updated on an on-going basis to incorporate current legal developments that impact the various issues discussed and is an exclusive resource for FordHarrison clients. 

FordHarrison hopes that the information contained in the Boundless SourceBook will help you and your organization become knowledgeable about and effectively manage the legal risks involved in making employment decisions. This material is intended as an informational guide only; labor and employment counsel should be consulted prior to making significant employment decisions. 

The Boundless SourceBook is available as a resource to the clients of the firm. If you would like complimentary access, please contact the FordHarrison attorney with whom you usually work. To log in, please visit our Client Login page. To receive alerts when updates are made to the SourceBook, or to subscribe to any of our other mailing lists, visit our Subscribe page