FH Promise

Our first priority is to deliver the highest quality legal services to our clients.

FH Promise. The FH Promise is a set of principles that guides how the firm delivers legal services and works with clients. The firm conducted extensive research, spoke to lawyers and professional staff throughout the firm, as well as to clients, about the elements of exceptional client service. From this we developed the FH Promise and established firm-wide guidelines for how we provide first-class service to our clients. Whether a client chooses our firm to defend a lawsuit, assist with a labor matter, help with benefit or immigration issues, or provide timely counseling to avoid litigation, we are committed to making that experience the best it can be.

A reputation for excellence must be earned every day. To achieve this goal, we champion five core principles as our promise to clients. 

  1. We will make your job easier.
  • We will understand your goals and collaborate with you on legal strategy to meet them.
  • We will use your time efficiently and respectfully.
  • We will flag unanticipated issues in advance.
  • We will treat your internal administrative processes, including budgets and status reports, like our own.
  • We will provide relevant, timely updates after new legal developments that impact your organization, so that you have the information you need, when you need it.
  • We will provide additional value-added resources based on your needs, such as the FordHarrison SourceBook, customized portals/extranets, and remote training options.
  1. We will know your business and needs. 
  • We will meet with you on-site to learn about your objectives, your business, and your people—at no charge.
  • We will work with you to identify mutually beneficial opportunities to send our best, experienced associates to work with your legal department to understand the expectations of in-house counsel from the inside out.
  • We will educate our lawyers about the day-to-day responsibilities and challenges faced by in-house counsel and human resources professionals.
  1. We will be proactive and accessible.
  • We will debrief with you to improve our service and resolve relationship or process issues at your convenience on your schedule.
  • We will conduct formal client service interviews with major clients on an annual basis.
  • We will address any client service issues immediately.
  1. We will manage your costs like our own. 
  • We will actively manage legal costs consistent with your internal goals and processes.
  • We will collaborate with you on budgets and staffing plans for the best value possible.
  • We will track costs against your budget and be accountable for our performance.
  • We will be your "alternative fee arrangement experts" and help you assess situations when an AFA may be the right option based on your objectives for the matter.
  1. We will use our best resources to provide cost-effective, quality work product. 
  • We will continue to invest in innovative technology to improve efficiency.
  • We will train our lawyers to be knowledge management experts, using the FordHarrison custom library of templates, checklists, and guides to maximize productivity and work product quality.
  • We will staff your cases with lawyers of the appropriate skill-level and cost structure based on your specific needs and objectives. 

Client Advisory Board. The FordHarrison Client Advisory Board is a client-driven initiative that focuses on gathering feedback from board members to continuously improve how we deliver excellent service. The board is comprised of select clients who serve as a resource to the firm on helping us understand the issues that matter the most to our clients.

Members, who are senior level executives within legal departments of some of our clients, share their thoughts and insight on how FordHarrison can best provide service. The board helps us understand what constitutes excellent client service and what resources are most important in helping FordHarrison provide the best legal service possible.

For questions about FordHarrison's client service commitment or how we can work with your organization, please contact clientservice@fordharrison.com.