We recognize the importance of technology in delivering accurate, timely and cost effective solutions to our clients.

A philosophy to capitalize on emerging technologies has made our firm an innovator in the use of technology to enhance all aspects of our law practice and client service. We are committed to getting the most out of cutting-edge technology and take pride in offering our clients the benefits of up-to-the minute advances in information technology. 

Knowledge Management.  We know that fast access to relevant content is important to our clients. As part of an on-going knowledge management initiative, FordHarrison has implemented FHind (FordHarrison Information Now Database), a searchable internal database powered by Lexis Search Advantage.  FHind contains only the most valuable legal work product that has been enriched with Shepards signals, links to legal citations, and other relevant web-based resources.  FHind enables lawyers to search and evaluate prior relevant work product at the same time they research legal precedent.  FHind automatically updates legal citations, and also allows FordHarrison to review, tag, and annotate documents that can be used as templates and best practice documents.  All our lawyers have access to FHind, and use it as part of their research and document assembly process to increase efficiency and ensure consistent quality across the firm.

To complement FHind, we have developed a library of exemplar litigation documents that have been screened and revised by our litigation management task force, a group of experienced litigators, who have also provided explanatory comments to enrich the content.  Exemplar documents are available from the firm Intranet and are also searchable from FHind.

FordHarrison has also developed proprietary, content-specific, searchable document collections for various clients who can now access this information via the Internet.  Unlike hard-copy books, these virtual libraries give our clients fast, remote access from multiple locations throughout their organizations.

Applying the right resources at the right time, collaboratively, across all our offices is instrumental to delivering value to our clients and maintaining constant awareness of their budgets.  For litigation management FordHarrison utilizes the newest version of the Lexis CaseMap Suite. This software suite provides tools to efficiently manage the relevant facts, documents, key individuals, and issues of each case. It is tightly integrated to produce chronologies, timelines, and trial graphics quickly and cost effectively and also includes a deposition review tool that integrates with the facts and issues database.  Additionally, we are using Concordance discovery management software that allows our lawyers to manage and review a high-volume level of documents generated during litigation, particularly complex litigation and class actions, including scanned paper, e-mail, and electronic documents.

FordHarrison's Knowledge Management Committee includes our firm's Managing Partner, Chief Technology Officer and several practicing lawyers. The firm's Litigation Support Manager, an experienced litigation paralegal certified in CaseMap and Concordance, is responsible for analyzing cases to determine which software tools will be most effective and providing oversight as cases develop to insure the tools are producing desired results.

Communications. For FordHarrison, an open line of communication with our clients is a core value.  To enhance the accessibility of our attorneys when they can't be in the office, voice messages are delivered to the recipient's email inbox as well as the voice mail system, so that our attorneys are immediately aware of a voice mail, even from their mobile devices.  We were also an early adopter of high definition video conferencing and have HD video conferencing installed in all of our offices. This technology has enabled us to collaborate easily across offices and control client costs by minimizing travel time and expenses. Our lawyers and professional staff use video conferencing for witness preparation, depositions, firm meetings, training, interviews, and many other client needs.  Clients visiting any FordHarrison office can use our guest wireless network to stay in touch with their businesses while their away.

Online Publications. All FordHarrison electronic publications, such as In-Depth Analysis and Legal Alerts, are also maintained online free of charge. The online version of our SourceBook, available as a subscription-based service, contains the same content as the printed version, but with the added advantage of searchable text, constant updates, instant accessibility, and the convenience of web-based publishing.  

Technical Support Personnel. FordHarrison's information systems team members work on a variety of client-facing projects to better service client needs, such as custom extranets or preparing bills in a specialized electronic format. Our technology staff monitors trends in the industry and regularly assesses our capabilities in order to improve our infrastructure and keep us in line with the latest technology that will help us better serve our clients.

If you have any questions about how we put the latest technology to work for our clients, send an email to