"4 Tips for Avoiding Misclassification Suits"

Law 360
Date   Jul 28, 2015

Rachel Ullrich was quoted in the article, "4 Tips for Avoiding Misclassification Suits."

"The DOL's guidance puts economics at the center of the debate," said Rachel. "There has long been an economic realities test, but the concept of whether a worker is economically independent or economically dependent on the business was not underscored until this guidance."

"One way employers can show workers are economically independent from their business is by not paying these people directly, but instead paying their LLC, which workers are responsible for," she said. "If an employer is paying workers' companies, it shows it is paying them just like it pays all of its other vendors. If the workers own their own company, they are more likely to be considered in business for themselves and, therefore, financially independent from the business."

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