"Apples From Applesauce? Implications of the Supreme Court's Ruling on Obamacare"

JD Supra Business Advisor
Date   Jun 26, 2015

Katelyn Winslow was quoted in an article on the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling on the Affordable Care Act.

"The Supreme Court's decision today in King v Burwell is a major victory for proponents of the ACA—the statute and its resulting compliance requirements are here to stay. So if a large employer was holding out hope that this decision would signal the early demise of the Pay or Play penalty, measurement periods, and Forms 1095 and 1096 versions A, B, and C, it's time to get caught up.

While the debate surrounding the ACA is far from over, the Court went to great lengths, for at least the second time, to ensure its implementation continues nationwide. Large employers that have already established the required measuring and reporting procedures may continue work as usual, while the dissent not so quietly ruminates on the ‘[i]mpossible possibility' that the ACA, or should we say ‘SCOTUSCare,' endures."

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