FordHarrison and Ius Laboris Report on Building a Resilient HR Practice

Date   Feb 17, 2022

Ius Laboris has published a Report on Building a Resilient HR Practice, aimed at identifying pointers that will enable employers to build resilience and fortitude into their HR practice as the world emerges from the most significant pandemic restrictions. In addition to examining how COVID-19 has impacted workplaces, the Report addresses issues that may be important going forward, such as flexible workplaces and protecting employees’ mental resilience. The Report also examines how employers can protect the boundaries of their businesses with strong cyber security policies and practices. Looking to the future, the Report examines how employers can ensure employees develop the skills they need, not just for now, but for the coming years. And finally, the Report discusses how employers can protect the reputation of their business in this interconnected world. The Report is available on the Ius Laboris website,, along with articles and a podcast on macro-economics and building resilience by Burkard Göpfert from our German law firm affiliate.

FordHarrison partner Tiffany Downs is featured in the Report. FordHarrison is the only US member of Ius Laboris, a global HR law firm alliance. If you have any questions regarding the Report, Ius Laboris, or other issues impacting employers globally, please contact Tiffany at, or FordHarrison partner Jeff Mokotoff, chair of FordHarrison’s relationship with Ius Laboris at Of course, you can also contact the FordHarrison attorney with whom you usually work.