FordHarrison Files Amicus Brief in Obesity Discrimination Case

Date   Jan 8, 2019

CHICAGO – FordHarrison LLP, one of the country’s largest management-side labor and employment law firms, filed an Amicus Curiae brief in the Seventh Circuit on behalf of the Illinois Association for Defense Trial Counsel in support of the Chicago Transit Authority in the obesity discrimination case, Richardson v. Chicago Transit Authority. The brief filed in this case urges the Seventh Circuit to affirm the trial court’s determination that obesity is not a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The brief argues that the court must consider whether a universally accepted definition of “obesity” exists before considering whether “obesity” is an ADA “impairment,” and that the court should consider the number of potential employees at issue shows that Congress never intended the ADA to provide automatic protection for obese individuals.

FordHarrison partner Kimberly Ross authored the brief, which, among other things, notes there is no medical agreement or accepted definition of obesity that a court or employers can use in its analysis. The brief points out the flaws in the Body Mass Index (BMI) and risks of using that standard to determine whether an individual is obese, including its potential overbreadth. For example, if the Seventh Circuit adopts the definition of obese urged by the appellant and amici in Richardson v. Chicago Transit Authority, a high proportion of NFL football players (and many other elite athletes) would be considered obese and therefore physically impaired.

The brief also notes that if all overweight or obese employees are automatically provided protection, there will be an increase in “regarded as” disability claims, the interactive process will become unworkable without adequate medical information, and employers are likely to be overburdened with significant cost increases to accommodate.

View the brief here.

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