FordHarrison Launches "EntertainHR" Popular Culture Blog and Marks End of The Office-Themed Blog

Date   Aug 8, 2013

The show must go on.  For seven years, attorneys at FordHarrison have amused and enlightened weekly readers of their employment blog, "That's What She Said," through recaps of NBC's The Office.  While the series finale of The Office marked an end to "That's What She Said," FordHarrison is adopting the entertainment-industry maxim and launching "EntertainHR."

Like any smart Hollywood executive, in designing "EntertainHR" the FordHarrison team has borrowed shamelessly from the winning formula that made "That's What She Said" appointment reading for thousands of HR and business professionals each week, and a perennial member of the ABA Law Journal's Blawg 100, a list of the 100-best legal blogs.  Just as "That's What She Said" analyzed the labor and employment issues raised by the antics of the Dunder Mifflin staff, "EntertainHR" will do so on a larger scale.  The blog will offer a lighthearted but informative look across the landscape of television, movies, and celebrity culture from an employment-law perspective.

Should Arrested Development's Michael Bluth have taken more precautions in selling shares of the family business?  What are the Family and Medical Leave Act issues surrounding Robin Roberts's absence from Good Morning America?  And what are the best ways to handle a worker directing Charlie-Sheen levels of public rage at their employer?

Questions like these will be the stuff of "EntertainHR", a fun read for HR professionals and employers who can indulge their taste for entertainment news and gossip while absorbing important professional insights.

"EntertainHR" can be found at  New postings appear weekly beginning August 8, 2013.