"How to Negotiate with Bullies at Work and Win" - Financial Women's Association

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Date   May 11, 2017

Stephen Zweig will be a speaker at the Financial Women's Association (FWA) event, "How to Negotiate with Bullies at Work and Win."

Thursday, May 11, 2017
5:45 PM - 8:15 PM

Scandinavia House
58 Park Avenue
New York City

About the Program
Bullies abound, both at work and outside of work. In some businesses, bully behavior is more the rule than the exception. When executives (male or female) are bullies, and when women comprise less than half of a group, the problem is hugely amplified. In this powerful negotiating skill building event, we will take the bully context and personality apart and teach you how to deal with bullies in your life. Learn from two top negotiators – an acclaimed employment lawyer to top executives and a nationally known executive advisor to Fortune 100 companies – about how to negotiate with bullies to achieve what you want.

Here are the 5 powerful things you’ll learn:

  • Workplaces where a bully thrives
  • The profound reasons for consciously bully-proofing culture
  • Terror tactics of a bully and alternatives to suffering bully-tolerant bosses
  • Winning tactics in negotiating with a bully
  • What to say to a bully in negotiations and how to say it

The essence of this panel presentation is to give you the tools to upend a bully at work – the FWA way!

Cost to attend is $25 for FWA members and $40 for non-FWA members. Reservations/cancellations and payments are required by Tuesday, May 9, 2017. To register, click here.