"Introduction to Labor and Employment Law for Attorneys and HR Professionals," 16th Annual Labor & Employment Law Conference - Atlanta, GA

Date   Oct 10, 2019

John Monroe will be presenting on the topic "Introduction to Labor and Employment Law for Attorneys and HR Professionals" at The Seminar Group's 16th Annual Labor and Employment Law Conference in Atlanta, GA.

October 10-11, 2019

About the Program
With the gig economy picking up momentum, the evolution of the #MeToo movement, unemployment getting even lower, and legislative bodies becoming more active, the timing couldn’t be better to brush up on Labor and Employment laws and recent judicial pronouncements.

This program will examine labor law updates, developments in leave laws, how to successfully navigate the hiring process, dealing with drugs & violence, non-solicitation of business covenants, and a peek inside the life of a Plaintiff’s attorney. This year’s program will also offer tactics for handling immigration issues, operating in the #MeToo era, and a discussion on how to prepare for an economic downturn.

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