"Janice Jaco and Brandye Fenn of LTC4: eDiscovery Trends," CloudNine eDiscovery Daily Blog

Date   Sep 27, 2016

Brandye Fenn, FordHarrison's Litigation Support Manager, was featured in CloudNine's eDiscovery Daily Blog post, "Janice Jaco and Brandye Fenn of LTC4: eDiscovery Trends" on the eDiscovery Core Competency (ECC) Learning Plan of LTC4.

On creating LTC4, Brandye said, "We took it in steps, eDiscovery steps, and tried to keep it grouped to the EDRM workflow – loosely – and also real-world scenarios. Such as, what happens when you receive data and what happens when you need to produce a group of documents? So, we took real world problems and worked to identify solutions to those problems. We worked to identify what an attorney should do, what a paralegal should do, what a lit support person should do – and took it to its natural conclusion in each of those sections."