"Labor-Law Conflicts for Flight Crews Add to Airlines' Covid Woes," Bloomberg Law

Date   Feb 14, 2022

FordHarrison's Airline Service Group co-leader, Sarah Pierce Wimberly, was quoted in the Bloomberg Law article, "Labor-Law Conflicts for Flight Crews Add to Airlines’ Covid Woes." The article touches on a U.S. Supreme Court case that poses the question of whether a California law guaranteeing rest breaks to flight crews should take precedence over looser federal regulations and highlights the effects that it can have on the airline industry. 

“The pandemic-induced labor shortage is exacerbating the issue,” said Sarah Pierce Wimberly, who co-leads FordHarrison LLP’s airline service group. “If you now need extra pilots and flight attendants on your plane to accommodate state meal and rest break regulations, but you already are challenged finding enough pilots and flight attendants to operate your normal schedule, how are you going to do that?”

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