"More Obama NLRB Decisions May Be Ditched," SHRM

Date   Jan 4, 2018

Henry Warnock commented on four National Labor Relations Board decisions that could potentially be overturned in the SHRM article, "More Obama NLRB Decisions May Be Ditched." If overturned, these decisions could clarify an employer's ability to handle specific obscene Facebook posts by employees, personal use of the company email system, off-duty employee picketing at the doors of the employer, and certain collective bargaining agreements.

On overturning the decision that currently allows off-duty employees to picket in front of doorways on company property, Henry said, "Most people who are entering a hospital are doing so because either they, or a loved one, has some sort of an ailment. The last thing they need during such a time is to encounter a picket line as they try to walk into the facility."

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