"Religion or Extremism? A Global Workplace Issue: Part 2," Corporate Counsel

Date   November 2017

Robbin Hutton contributed the article, "Religion or Extremism? A Global Workplace Issue: Part 2," to Corporate Counsel. The article focuses on recent acts of terrorism in the name of religion around the globe, the political protest in Brazil, along with the protests in the United States by extremist groups that have created management issues for all employers. The article stresses the importance of ensuring workplace safety when managing employee extremism, background screening during the hiring process, proper methods for monitoring employee behavior, and having sound internal company policies.

The article states, "Countries such as Chile, Argentina, France, Mexico, Denmark, Belgium, the United States and the U.K. prohibit religious discrimination in the workplace and protect the right of employees to express religious beliefs, in varying degrees. Employers in these countries must manage workplace demonstrations of extreme beliefs, whether religious or some other strongly held point of view, in a way that does not infringe on the protected religious views of the employee."

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