"Talk to the hand, but be cautious if you scan it!"

HR Hero
Date   Sep 15, 2015

Atlanta-based attorney Loren Beer contributed the article, "Talk to the hand, but be cautious if you scan it!" in the September 2015 Georgia Employment Law Letter. Her article focuses on religious discrimination.

"In January 2015, a West Virginia jury found in favor of a coal miner who claimed that his former employer denied him a religious accommodation when it began using a biometric hand scanner to track employees' time and attendance. The coal miner alleged that the new technology interfered with his sincere religious beliefs. As an Evangelical Christian, he feared that the hand scanner would brand him with the 'mark of the beast.' Following the jury verdict, the judge awarded the coal miner front and back pay and issued a permanent injunction to ensure that the company wouldn't force any other employee to use the hand scanner against his authentic religious concerns."

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