"The Tech-Driven 'Intelligent' Workplace Presents Challenges for Employers," Corporate Counsel

Date   May 19, 2017

Julie Adams and Angela Cummings, both partners in FordHarrison's Charlotte office, contributed the article "The Tech Driven 'Intelligent' Workplace Presents Challenges for Employers" to Corporate Counsel. Their article focuses on important technologies impacting the workplace and legal implications of current trends.

Their article states, "While automation in the workplace has been used for decades to improve speed, efficiency and cost effectiveness, until recently, automating work requiring judgment and perception was reserved for science fiction films. In the last five years, however, the wide availability of powerful computer chips, big data storage and processing, and inexpensive sensors, as well as the development of new algorithms, have led to improvements in 'cognitive computing' and 'artificial intelligence' (AI). As a result, machines are increasingly being used to perform a range of responsibilities previously performed by humans."

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