"Trade Secrets and Non-Compete Agreements in California" Complimentary E-Briefing

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Date   Feb 15, 2012

Recorded: February 15, 2012

Join Ford & Harrison attorney Michelle Abidoye for an overview and discussion of trade secret law and non-compete agreements in California.  This program will provide participants with advice on how to protect company trade secrets, guard against employee raids, recruit from competitors without getting sued, and deal with the important issues that arise when employees leave to compete with their former employers. Find out how to position your company for success in the event you become involved in litigation over an employee raiding or theft-of-trade-secrets incident and what employers and current/former employees may and may not do when competing.

This webinar will teach you: (1) how to identify and protect your company's trade secrets; (2) what you can do if your trade secrets have been compromised; (3) limitations on non-compete agreements for California employees; and (4) how to implement a trade secret program.