Diversity Moving Forward - Summer 2017

Date   Summer 2017

Letter from the Diversity and Inclusion Partner

Author: Dawn Siler-Nixon, FordHarrison's Diversity and Inclusion Partner

For many of us, summer provides a natural break from the grind of life, with children on vacation from school and many of us taking time off from work to travel or spend time with friends and family. The lazy days of summer provide time to relax, reflect and recharge. We take time to reflect on our values and goals, and to consider what lies ahead, perhaps just over the next horizon. We are dedicated to ensuring that we are always on the right path. At FordHarrison, we are dedicated to ensuring that we are always on the right path. To do so, we implement the Three E’s: evaluate, educate and evolve.

Evaluating our values, goals and objectives is essential to engaging our workforce and ensuring that we are focused on the critical issues facing our people and our profession. We will continue educating the FordHarrison family, our clients and friends on the importance of diversity and inclusion and becoming more culturally competent and aware of the world around us. Developing educational programs to broaden our worldview is a key factor that distinguishes our diversity and inclusion programming.

We are steadfast in our intent to remain on the cutting edge of our profession and distinguish ourselves from others. We do so by providing excellent legal services and ensuring that we challenge ourselves and others to broach difficult conversations around race, gender and other distinguishing factors that have the potential to divide instead of unify.

We believe that by honoring our varying cultural backgrounds and different life experiences, we can create a richer and more rewarding work environment and develop a unique understanding of the cultural climates of our clients’ businesses, while having a significant, positive impact on our surrounding communities. Our involvement, accolades and accomplishments in this area are evident throughout this edition of Moving Forward. I hope you continue to join us on this amazing journey.

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