Employing People Abroad 2015 - Practical Solutions to New Challenges for International Employers - Ius Laboris - Copenhagen, Denmark

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Date   Oct 26, 2015
Time   8:30 AM - 6:30 PM

Mark Saloman will be a panelist on "Confidential Information and Trade Secrets: Is There 'A Universal Definition'?"

Monday, October 26, 2015
8:30AM - 6:30PM

National Museum of Denmark
Ny Vestergade 10
1471 Copenhagen K, Denmark

About the Program
The challenges facing HR change on a daily basis. What seemed obvious yesterday may be a major issue today, and what nobody had heard of last week may be a new way to move forward tomorrow. The legislative landscape changes and employers have to change with it, given that "human resources" are indeed the most important resource of most employers. For example, employers may suddenly find that the scope for keeping former employees away from competitors for a period of time in a certain country has changed dramatically, or that the protection they have against indiscreet or malicious employees in one country simply does not exist in the next country.

Businesses work in an increasingly integrated way in a modern and globalized world, and they need to have focus on and an understanding of the differences between countries when it comes to protecting their own trade secrets, know-how as well as other internal and confidential information. In a globalized world, it does not help international employers much if they enjoy sufficient protection in one country, but not in the next country.

To increase awareness and knowledge, Ius Laboris, Coloplast and Norrbom Vinding invite you to a one-day conference at the National Museum of Denmark. At the conference, highly experienced and specialized speakers and panelists will address the above issues and discuss practical and hands-on solutions to the carious challenges facing HR today. Our aim is to provide you with inspiration on how to deal with the challenges and issues arising in your day-to-day work.

Topics include:

  • Non-compete clauses across the globe
  • Confidential information and trade secrets
  • Confidential information in a cross-border perspective
  • If we do not have a global policy on confidential information, or if the global policy does not work in practice, how should we handle such information?
  • Code of conduct - why do we need it?
  • Practical advice on implementing a global code of conduct
  • Hot topics in a global context

For more information or to register, contact Dorthe Pihl at dpi@norrbomvinding.com.