FordHarrison Establishes Primary School in Cambodia's Prey Veng Province

Date   Nov 29, 2012

In rural Cambodia, hundreds of villages still lack a functional primary and secondary school.  Kay Wolf, a FordHarrison LLP partner based in Orlando dreamed of doing something significant.  Soon, her dream spread like the proverbial wildfire to the firm's offices nationwide.  "Let's build a school for children in Cambodia."  So they did.  The fundraising project began in late August 2012.  Three months later it was done—and then some.

"Because my mother was a schoolteacher, I grew up believing that education is the key to financial independence and stability - both of which are desperately needed in Cambodia," said partner Kay Wolf. 

Under the auspices of World Assistance for Cambodia, more than 530 schools have been built in Cambodia with international donations.  Once built, the schools become self-sustaining; as the Cambodian government provides teachers and curriculum.  Without the opportunity to attend school every day and no other prospects for the future, children--particularly in poor rural areas--are at risk.  Many wind up being swept away into Southeast Asia's horrific sex trade.  These schools can literally save lives.

Upon learning this, FordHarrison's nationwide team kicked into high gear.  Managing partner Lash Harrison set the tone with a firmwide announcement to inaugurate the project.  He noted that supporting the project was in keeping with the firm's commitment to public service and its recent expansion into the international community as well as with the firm's new global perspective on client service.

Dozens of the firm's attorneys committed to donating an amount equivalent to at least one hour of their billable time.  Many contributed several times that amount.  Together with numerous additional creative fundraising activities throughout the firm, the initiative steadily gained momentum.

Those efforts paid off in a big way.  Instead of the minimum amount needed to build the school, the firm raised more than $85,000.  As a result, the FordHarrison School has been built in a rural village in the Prey Veng Province of southeastern Cambodia.  And thanks to the overflowing generosity and creativity of the entire FordHarrison family, the school soon will have extras such as solar panels, computers, additional teachers, a garden, sports equipment, wells for clean drinking water, and whatever it takes to provide them with a good education and a promising future.

Four firm representatives will travel to Cambodia for the official dedication of the school on January 3, 2013.  Among them will be the partner that first dared to dream of it, Kay Wolf.

For more information about World Assistance for Cambodia and its rural schools program, visit