FordHarrison's 50-State Restrictive Covenant Desk Reference

Date   Oct 9, 2018

Because the laws surrounding post-employment restrictive covenants vary from state to state, FordHarrison attorneys are proud to present a 50-State Desk Reference which provides an overview of state laws addressing the enforceability of noncompetition and nonsolicitation agreements and associated issues.  State laws on this issue are complex, and this manual is intended to highlight some of the significant provisions of each state law.  For a copy of FordHarrison’s 50-State Restrictive Covenant Desk Reference, please contact

Attorneys in FordHarrison’s Non-Compete, Trade Secrets & Business Litigation practice group have a broad understanding of the state and federal laws pertaining to unfair competition and the protection of trade secrets and can provide guidance to employers on how these laws may impact their business. If you have questions on the 50-State Desk Reference, please feel free to contact the editor of this resource, Mark Saloman,, a member of FordHarrison’s Berkeley Heights, New Jersey office or the associated authors for each state. You may also contact the FordHarrison attorney with whom you usually work.