"How 4 Firms Are Moving The Needle On Gender Diversity," Law360

Date   Jul 23, 2017

FordHarrison; Dawn Siler-Nixon, FordHarrison's diversity and inclusion partner; and Tracey Jaensch, regional managing partner of FordHarrison's seven Florida offices were featured in the Law360 article, "How 4 Firms Are Moving The Needle On Gender Diversity." The article takes a closer look at four firms committed to focusing on gender diversity. 

On FordHarrison, the article stated, "Today, two women sit on the firm's seven-member executive committee. Eight out of 25 office managing partners are women. Out of six regional managing partners, two are women."

In regards to the firm's diversity committee, Dawn said, "We not only have a diversity committee, but we are actually taking it a step further and putting it in writing and voting on it as a partnership."

On Leap, the firm's professional development program geared primarily toward women, Tracey said, "I used to think you just have to be a good lawyer and business development will take care of itself, but I've had to adapt to the changing economy. That program not only helped me to do it, but the business development acumen I developed after that helped me be a better candidate for firm leadership."

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