"Sexual Harassment is Global, Solutions are Local," Today's General Counsel

Date   December/January 2017

Partner Angela Cummings contributed the article, "Sexual Harassment is Global, Solutions are Local," to the December/January 2017 issue of Today's General Counsel. Her article takes a look at sexual harassment in the workplace in the United States and throughout the world as well as actions employers can take to prevent and remedy workplace sexual harassment. 

"In FY 2015, the EEOC received 6,822 charges claiming sexual harassment. Of those charges, more than half were investigated and resulted in a determination of 'no reasonable cause.' But, again, that finding often does not let the employer off the hook. Employees and the attorneys who represent them like to bring sexual lawsuits due to their often salacious allegations and the belief that companies will pay to settle in order to keep from having their dirty laundry aired publically in a federal lawsuit."