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The Hidden Labor & Employment Liability within Supply Chains – What every logistics and transportation company needs to know in these unpredictable times.

Introducing FordHarrison’s Transportation & Logistics Employment Law Series. The Transportation and Logistics Industry is facing an unprecedented time. The pandemic and quickly evolving technology created unparalleled demand for the industry’s services at a time when companies face shortages of supplies and employees. In response, companies are rapidly changing their business practices and increasing their focus on getting more done with less. In these tumultuous times it’s easy for a company to miss recent legislation, a meaningful court decision, or a more aggressive government enforcement policy. Unwary companies may see their hard gotten gains lost due to these unnoticed changes in law.

For this reason we created a comprehensive series of alerts and webinars that will assist Transportation and Logistics employers in identifying and mitigating workplace liability. Whether you’re a shipper (air, marine or rail), freight company, freight forwarder, motor carrier, third party logistical provider, staffing company, last mile provider, or involved with any aspect of supply chain management you can’t afford to miss out on this critical series.

  • Labor Law Changes from the Biden Administration and the Impact on the Transportation Industry -
    Thursday, August 19, 2021 | Recording

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