Diversity... Moving Forward - Summer 2015

Letter from the Diversity and Inclusion Partner

Author: Dawn Siler-Nixon, FordHarrison's Diversity and Inclusion Partner

We continued our focus on cultural competence in 2015. FH-C3 (FordHarrison Cross Cultural Competence) programming is in full swing. We have worked through the Intercultural Development Inventory, observed where we stand on the Cultural Competence Continuum, and are charting our course toward our goal of cultural competence. Following our initial cultural competence training and focus groups, we brought together our Executive and Management Committees, as well as key firm leaders, in a full day intensive training session. Consultant Vernā Myers facilitated the group through several awareness exercises, including the "Opportunity Walk." She engaged the group in a discussion around Jane Elliott's ground breaking "Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes" Exercise. The group left the training with a new perspective on the firm's culture and work to be done to continue moving the firm forward. FordHarrison is preparing to continue our focus through a webinar series discussion of Myers' ABA publication, What if I Say the Wrong Thing?: 25 Habits for Culturally Effective People. I encourage you to join us on this amazing journey towards cultural competence. Enjoy this edition of Diversity Moving Forward and learn more about our firm and our lawyers through this snapshot of activities and achievements.

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