Coronavirus Taskforce

This Taskforce helps employers proactively combat workplace-related issues, remaining in compliance with federal, state and local employment laws.

COVID-19 related restrictions continue to evolve across most U.S. states and cities and employers are re-examining their plans to bring employees back to the workplace. Resuming operations cannot necessarily be addressed with a one size fits all approach, especially true for employers with multi-state operations and workers subject to varying local regulations and safety protocols. Our Return to Work team is partnering with clients as they balance the evolving needs of their workforces, navigate potential challenges, and redefine the new working environment - click here to access our dedicated Return to Work page. 

Our Coronavirus Taskforce Immigration page, enables clients to easily access information on various immigration-related coronavirus issues, including governmental travel bans, changes in immigration processes, suspension of government services, and office closings as well as practical tips on how businesses can manage the impact of this global healthcare crisis as it relates to immigration issues - click here to access our dedicated Immigration page.